Discover Bigriiner


From a bicycle to a pushchair in seconds and back - the wonderful bigriiner offers exactly this as well as many other convenient solutions!

What is bigriiner?

We have adopted a neologism – bigriiner - following the Estonian president's linguistic advice.


This is a word that is now used by every trend-aware person several times a day and it will be one of the most googled words, which will make it a serious contender to be added to the next dictionary :)


Bigriiner is a vehicle that fully addresses the needs of the modern person by combining the functionality of a bicycle, pushchair and the means to transport many items. In less than half a minute, it can be easily converted from a three-wheeled bicycle with a child seat (or seats or a safety cradle) to a pushchair that can be comfortably used indoors. You can also replace the child seat with a shopping basket and set off on the biggest shopping trips. 

Users whose lives the bigriiner could impact and how this would happen:

1. Children - children can ride on the bigriiner from when they are in the safety cradle until they no longer fit in the chair. For children it is an undoubtedly exciting way to see more than they would in conventional bike seats and also allows them to accompany their parents on outdoor activities that might otherwise be planned differently (heading to cafes further away, to the zoo or a park).

2. Parents- who wouldn't want to spend more time with their kids? Probably most of us. But sometimes this is simply not possible for practical reasons. For example, the shopping centre you plan to go to is too far from home to take the pushchair to. Taking a small child and a bicycle is also tricky… where to leave the bike, how many locks do I need to carry to make sure the bicycle is still there after I'm done shopping?

This is exactly the kind of issue the bigriiner will solve. Using bigriiner enables you to explore more than just the immediate vicinity with your child. Simply put the child in the comfortable and safe chair and set off on an adventure. You won't need to leave the bigriiner behind the door and worry about the typical problems a bicycle owner faces, should you come across a place of interest or need to visit a shop along the way - bigriiner is always with you. You are free to carry on your day and don't need to rush.       



3. All other eco-friendly people who value their health, who like to move around in the fresh air and value a greener lifestyle. It is very easy to adapt the bigriiner into a vehicle to carry all your purchases on market trips or shopping by using the different attachments. For example, the child seat can quickly be replaced by the shopping basket in our accessories range that will allow you to complete your market shopping between the stalls without stretching your arms out from carrying heavy shopping bags, all to envious looks that you will no doubt receive. 


As you can see, the bigriiner is a really good and practical invention that will make life easier for many people and offer solutions that have been missing for a long time.


The Taga bike that won many prestigious awards for its innovation and design can be considered the bigriiner's predecessor.

We sell the patented development of that product under the B Green brand name. Our product has been issued the general product safety certificate according to directive 2001/95/EÜ of the EU Parliament and council. The product complies with the standards EN 14764:2005 and EN 1888:2012.


Come and discover bigriiner! 


We promise to provide a thorough introduction to the product and great service. Our biggest wish is to see bigriiner being just as common as a bicycle on our streets and help all of us to move towards a healthier and greener future.


Be fashionable and trend-aware, and be amongst the trendsetters!



Technical specifications:


Frame - high quality aluminium (alloy 6061)

Gears - 3-gear Shimano Nexus Internal Hub gear (Shimano Nexus Inter-3)

Front brakes - disc brakes on both wheels

Back Brake - Shimano Nexus hub roller brakes

Handbrake - easy to handle, attached to the brake and works in both the bicycle and pushchair position.

Wheels - 16" reinforced, double-walled aluminium walls

Safety harness - five-point reinforced safety harness

Child seat positions - 2 positions in the bicycle and 2 positions in the pushchair mode.

Measurements in the bicycle mode - 165L x 73W x 102H (cm)

Measurements in the pushchair mode - 120L x 73W x 102H (cm)

Weight - 25-28 kg depending on configuration

Reconfiguration time - approx 20 seconds

Choice of colour - red and blue

Seat cover material - removable, easily cleanable, waterproof, non- flammable

Maximum weight of the cyclist - 80 kg

Maximum child weight when using one child seat- 30 kg (6 months - 5 years)

Maximum child weight when using the double seat - 20 kg (6 months - 4 years), so with two child seats, the children's maximum weight is 30 kg + 20 kg


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